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Aiming By The Numbers Method - Endorsed by Mike Massey and developed by world class pool player and instructor Joe Tucker. A unique and incredibly efficient method for learning how to pocket the balls. This kit includes: two 2.25 inch Aramith training balls with unique embedded patterns one detailed manual that includes 64 pages of instructions 25 detailed drawings and a glossary two flat aiming discs that allow you to practice without a pool table anywhere at anytime two pocket cheat sheets that will help you to take in the method.

In the 1960's I read a book by Willie Mosconi that described an aiming system that used a paralell line thru the cue that was paralell to the line through the object ball to the center of the pocket. The idea ...More About Aiming by the Numbers

Pool Drills

Drills lead to consistant steady improvement in your pool game, if you have the patience and the stamina.  Most people will try a drill once or twice, get bored because they can not execute yet and give up. A friend of mine watched the PAT part 1 video and committed to doing the 15,000 balls in pocket drill that was recommended.  He set a goal and completed the 15,000 pocketed balls. It improved his pool stroke. ...More About Skills from Drills

Pro Skill Drills - Training Instructional Books & DVDs

Recommended Billiard Books

Here you can take your game to the next level by ordering the books Recommended Billiards Book List.

Before the Color of Money there was only one book worth reading more than once on pool Byrne’s Standard Book of Pool and Billiards”. It is still in print and is now called the Byrne’s NEW Book of Pool and Billiards. Byrne has several books on Pool and Billiards and I also highly recommend Complete Billiards Books Recommended Review..

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